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Video Trends we expect in 2020

It’s nothing unexpected that the popularity of video is increasing exponentially given the appreciation to mobile tech and applications advancing its delivery and utilization, along with giants such as Google and Facebook actively pushing it.

In particular, the preference for video content over different kinds of content continues to rise with potential clients, making it crucial to insurance agencies.

There is a numerous amount of research to back this up, including research from Cisco which states that by 2020, there’ll be approximately million minutes of video each second crossing the internet.

To help your agency keep up with the changes in video content options, let’s take a look at various trends in video marketing we see right now.

Live Video

With Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and live streaming on different platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, live video for business will turn out to be considerably larger in 2020. As indicated by a Facebook study, day by day watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has increased four times within a year.

With live video, your viewers feel that you are speaking openly with them; and they are regularly going to engage by commenting and asking questions in real-time. The additional personalization in live videos frequently encourages viewers to stay longer and be increasingly engaged, as well.

360-Degree Videos

Since the 360-degree videos were launched in the market, they’ve proven to be a special interactive experience; and their utilization in marketing will keep developing in 2020. These videos are a wonderful method to immerse your audience members in the feeling that you are attempting to pass on and give them a sample of a specific experience.

Vertical Video

Whether you like it or not, vertical video is setting down deep roots. One massive flashing sign pointing to this is the development of Instagram Stories, with that feature growing from 250 million clients in June 2017 up to 400 million in June 2018, without any signs of backing off.

Subsequent to being popularized by Snapchat and virtually taken over by Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have likewise included it on their platforms.

Last June, Instagram has launched IGTV, standing in the first spot for vertical only, long-form video content. While still in its early stages, it’s bound to turn into a new standard inside a few years.
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Brands Use Video More Frequently to Communicate

Every year shows that buyers are watching more video than they did the last, and 2020 will be the same. Potential clients state that video is the preferred type of content they like to see from brands and, as more insurance agencies realize this, they will be including a lot more video into their marketing through all phases of the policy life cycle.

Video can be used drive awareness about your agency, with educational, interesting, entertaining, and inspiring content, made to catch the attention of your audience.

Social Media Rivals the Homepage

As indicated by Animoto’s ongoing shopper overview, 32% of the purchasers look at a brand’s presence on social media before their website in 2018. That is almost 33% of prospective clients utilizing social media to discover more information about your agency. The question you should ask as an agency owner: What are they finding there?

Your social media presence is a higher priority than any time in recent memory. In 2020, it will be imperative to ensure that your platforms of choice – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any place your clients or potential clients are – is exceptional. What’s more, the video is the most captivating approach to share.

Ready, set, go!

Since you have the scoop on hottest video marketing trends for 2020, your agency can create video content strategies now to be in front of your competition one year from now. Make sure to consistently create entertaining and helpful videos and you will have the option to catch the attention of your audience unfailingly.
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